Recognize the signs of stress

• Increase or decrease in activity levels.

• Increase in use of Illegal drugs, alcohol or unusual increase of using.

• Out bursts of anger.

• Crying continuously.

• Having trouble relaxing.

• Trouble concentrating.

• Worrying excessively.

• With drawn from social activities.

• In denial and unwillingness to get help.

• Inability to have fun, always sad.

Know the difference between Anxiety & Depression. Anxiety is worry that turns into panic, very quickly. Some signs are, racing thoughts, pacing the floors, not sleeping. Depression is being sad for a week or more. Losing interest in regular activities such as hygiene, not eating, feeling worthless and sleeping too much.

Both of these definitions are the opinions of Shatter Silence, Inc. And if you or someone you know feels Suicidal, depressed or Anxiety or is Self injured; please consult your docter or dial 911 for an immediate emergency.

We are here to help. Please Look at our up coming Programs near your Communities….Need a program near you? Contact us for Training.

Published by Shatter Silence

My son, James, struggled with depression and anxiety. After four years of therapy, we thought he was better. James gave me a Passion on Purpose and a Mission I battle everyday. I tell our story, to save families in a Suicide Crisis. I am on a mission to help others be Obnoxious and use they're own voice to Shatter Silence. Everyone Deserves to live, laugh, love and learn with Coping skills.

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