Serving Community

In years of Community service, I have contributed to numerous networking events, out reach grief Programs and additional education that has helped me achieve professional and private community Resources to Share.

Cafe Hope in hammond, In. Off of South suburban Street, near Gavit High school, across the street from the YMCA, is peer to peer Share & ran by community peers. Age appropriate towards Middle/high schoolers. They Share poetry, bands, Art and friendship. Contact 219-844-3030

Addiction Resource Center, ‘Never Alone Recovery’ is by; Nick Cialdella and Austin Wynn. Both on Facebook; are saving lives by helping Addicts get to recovery. Contact 219-909-0830

Ruth Ogden Halstead has a SISG group. Self Injury Support Group for Survivor’s of Self Injury & Self injury support for Families. SISG group is on Facebook and meets twice a month in Crown point, Indiana.

Send us your contact information to seek private and time Sensitive Conversations. Email

Contact, dial 911 for immediate help….

Published by Shatter Silence

My son, James, struggled with depression and anxiety. After four years of therapy, we thought he was better. James gave me a Passion on Purpose and a Mission I battle everyday. I tell our story, to save families in a Suicide Crisis. I am on a mission to help others be Obnoxious and use they're own voice to Shatter Silence. Everyone Deserves to live, laugh, love and learn with Coping skills.

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