Shatter Silence, Inc.

Serving Community

In years of community service, we have contributed to numerous networking events, out reach grief programs and additional education that has that has helped us achieve professional and private community resources. Send us your contact information below to seek a private and time sensitive conversation.

Our Program education skills and resources include; QPR training, Grief Share groups, Private peer-peer counseling, Narcan & Deterra pouch safety training.

Community active programs are all over seen by our board of Directors and all approved by our Licensed practical nurse, Christina LPN, as well as our Food Consultant, Walter MBA, whom is looking at the Connection between food and depression. They both have unique individual resources and Licenses. Angela, our CEO, has her ASSIST, Life & Grief education, SOS, MHA, MA, QPR 4T4 in adult & children and is now pursuing a psychology degree.

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Our programs are personal projects created throughout learning the behaviors of suicide. Subscribe below to be the first to view our newest previewed programs, coffee conversations and interviews.

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Hebron, In. 46341


Published by Shatter Silence

My son, James, struggled with depression and anxiety. After four years of therapy, we thought he was better. James gave me a Passion on Purpose and a Mission I battle everyday. I tell our story, to save families in a Suicide Crisis. I am on a mission to help others be Obnoxious and use they're own voice to Shatter Silence. Everyone Deserves to live, laugh, love and learn with Coping skills.

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